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Spectacular Bookcase Design Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan
If you love collecting and reading books, then you need a sturdy and elegant bookcase to display and store your favorite books. There are many different type of bookcase designs. Let's see some bookcase styles that you can choose from.
If you love reading books, then you must have accumulated many books and novels. Unfortunately, after reading and enjoying them, the biggest problem is in storing these books. A bookcase comes in handy at such times and a beautiful bookcase design will not only be effective for displaying books, but it will also make your room look stylish and chic.
There are many different designs of bookcases and they also come in different sizes and styles. Choosing the right bookcase is very important as it should be functional and also match the overall decor of the room.

Different Bookcase Designs

The two basic types of bookcase are the built-in bookcase and free-standing bookcase. Every bookcase is a variation of these two styles. While choosing a bookcase for your home, keep in mind the size of your room and the overall decor of your home.
If you have a very conservative and traditional decor in your home, then there is no use choosing a modern steel and chrome bookcase in a minimalistic design.

Built-in Bookcase

The built-in bookcase is made specifically for a study or office and they are suitable for those people who have many books, like a lawyer or a doctor. The main disadvantage is that it is fixed and therefore cannot be moved from one place to another.
Most studies have built-in bookcases that are installed from the ceiling to the floor They are built from high quality wood like mahogany, rosewood and teak and are custom-made to fit the dimensions of the room.
Constructing built-in bookcases is expensive, but they add beauty and elegance to your home interior.

Free Standing Bookcase

Free standing bookcases can be moved from one place to the other and some of them are modular in nature.
Free standing bookcase comes in a wide range of styles, and some of the more popular bookcase designs are corner bookcases, ladder bookcases, barrister bookcase, revolving bookcase and metal bookcase.

Corner Bookcase

If you live in a small apartment it is a good idea to opt for a corner bookcase, in this way you are able to utilize an otherwise awkward and barren corner.
Always buy a corner bookshelf with adjustable shelves as this gives you more flexibility in displaying books with different heights. A proper corner bookcase will have a depth between twelve to twenty-four inches.

Ladder Bookcase

A very unique and attractive type of bookcase that is quite popular in contemporary homes is the ladder bookcase. A ladder bookcase consists of multiple shelves attached to two parallel posts, which resembles ladder rungs.
It is a free-standing unit that can be incorporated in any home decor as they can be used for displaying both books and other decorative items and knickknacks.

Revolving Bookcase

Another very good design of bookcase is the revolving bookcase. It has a base over which several shelves are arranged and it rotates around the center. They look elegant and are great space savers. These kinds of bookcases are ideal for children's rooms and for small studies, where space is a constraint.

Barrister Bookcase

Barrister bookcase designs are characterized by glass doors that are other sliding in nature or are connected with hinges.
They are a safe choice if you want to protect your books from the humidity and they seamlessly blend with the rest of the decor. Metal bookcases are more appropriate for the office although wrought iron bookcase are quite popular in modern homes.

Unconventional Bookcase

There are many creative and quirky bookcase design plans that are available in the market and are a big hit among young people. A boat shaped bookcase is also very innovative and fascinating.
The bookcase was designed like a boat which was placed vertically, with shelved installed to display books. This can be easily made with the help of your local carpenter and will look great in your child's room.
Some other quirky and unconventional bookcase designs are chair bookshelf, spiral bookcase and bookcases that are shaped like helix, trees and geometrical shapes. These unusual shaped bookcases are more of home decor items and they can become the focal point of any room.
In addition to organizing your book collection, bookcases can also be used for storing compact disks, office supplies and you can decorate it with small home accessories and knickknacks. Whether you choose a built-in bookcase design or a free-standing one, always try to match the overall decor of your room while choosing a bookcase.