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Types of Body Pillowcase Fabrics

Mamta Mule
A body pillow is a great option for those who want to snuggle something while sleeping. It allows you to sleep in a fetal position without your arms placed at awkward angles.
Sleeping is an important part of our daily routines, where the lack of it will leave us lethargic, fatigued, physically weak, and aging faster than we'd like. Getting rest means completing at least 7 to 8 hours of shut eye, as the body regenerates itself while you slumber.
Neglecting this crucial time of the day will only bring ruin to your health. For those of you who experience insomnia and restlessness, a body pillow can be a welcome companion. Remember how you would snuggle with your teddy bear while you slept as a child? A body pillow plays the same role, except on a more mature level.

Pillowcase Fabric Options

While you shop for body pillow covers, the variety of brands, types, colors and materials, are sure to leave you confused. Here are some tips to help you pick the best pieces from the lot. The primary factors that you need to consider are, the kind of body pillow you own and the type of material that best suits it.
Regular pillowcases made of cotton will cost you less, making it budget friendly. Other pillowcases are bound to come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose one that fits perfectly.

Cotton or Corduroy

For pregnant women looking for extreme comfort, these two materials are your go-to options. They're also popular among expectant mothers.
You can opt for thin corduroy cases or those made of thicker fabric, depending on how it feels against your skin. Organic cotton pillowcases are also a hit among customers, especially those who are environment conscious.


Satin will not only inject a sensual touch to your bedroom, but will leave you well-rested and perky in the morning.
The soft, dream-like feel of the pillow will definitely find you in bed earlier than usual. Young girls and women can take advantage of this fabric's super-soft feel, for undisturbed sleep.


Besides being a great alternative to regular fabrics because of its almost velvety feel, it comes in interesting patchwork and color combinations that are quite unlike ordinary pillowcases in the market.
Experiment with this sort of fabric, for it will add an interesting touch to your bedroom. Kids can also take advantage of this uber-cozy fabric.
These pillow covers come with a zipper attached or are left open. You can have buttons sewn into the opening for a different take on securing a body pillow. Wash them by following the instructions mentioned on the fabric to help it last longer.