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Blinds for Bay Windows

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 6, 2020
Of all bay window treatments, blinds look the most classy and elegant. Here are some best blinds for bay windows.
If you are one of the few lucky ones who have a bay window in your house, you must be wondering what kind of window treatment would be suitable for such windows. Bay windows are great in any room as they allow a lot of natural light to filter through, as well as provide a beautiful view.
Window treatments for bay windows can be traditional like sheer curtains with valances or contemporary like vertical and horizontal blinds that you can also automate for maximum comfort.
If you have decided to use blinds for bay windows, then you will need to know which types of blinds will work for them. Here we will give you some bay window treatment ideas and decorating tips.

Best Blinds for Bay Windows

When you are looking for maximum privacy with a well tailored and neat look, then blinds are a very good option as window treatment for bay windows. Window blinds differ from shades because blinds are able to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room, whereas a shade completely blocks out the sunlight.
Two very important things to consider while choosing blinds for bay windows is the material used for the slats and the size of the slats.

Vinyl Blinds

The least expensive of all blinds that are available in the market are vinyl blinds. You can choose from vertical blinds or horizontal blinds for your bay windows. Horizontal blinds are more commonly used for bay windows, but vertical vinyl blinds also work well.
As vinyl blinds are quite flimsy and may not last for a long time, there is also the option of choosing faux blinds. Faux wood window blinds are made with a combination of vinyl and wood and they are a lot less expensive than wood blinds and look pretty much like wood.
It is both durable and easy to clean and hence are a great choice for bay windows. Choose 2-inch thick slats in a finish that complements the rest of the home decor. But of course, if you are not decorating on a budget, go for wood blinds. There is nothing to beat the warmth of wood blinds and they give the room a cozy and elegant ambiance.

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are another option that you can consider for bay windows, particularly if you are decorating your home on a budget. Vinyl mini blinds are a cheap and sturdy option and they are very durable too. 
They are also available in a number of colors, textures and finishes to suit your decor and they allow you to adjust the amount of light flowing into the room. In mini blinds, the slats are less than half the width of regular blinds. 
This makes mini blinds easy to clean and they are also more aesthetically pleasing then Venetian blinds. Mini blinds are also comparatively lightweight than wooden blinds.

Bamboo Blinds

When you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your bay window treatment, then there is nothing to beat the elegance of bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds are ideal for bay windows and they are used by interior designers all over the world with very attractive results.
Bamboo blinds are available as both vertical blinds as well as bamboo roll up window blinds. Although the natural color of bamboo is a light brown shade, there are many variations in color available for bamboo blinds. The best thing about bamboo blinds is that they are durable and long lasting.

Panel Blinds

If you are looking for a stylish window treatment idea for bay windows, then you cannot go wrong with panel blinds. It is a blind that consists of a number of flat fabric panels that are mounted on a track.
The fabric panels slide over each other and stack neatly when you need to open the blinds. The fabric panels are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns to suit your home decor.
Blinds as window treatment for bay windows should be chosen with care so that they blend well with the overall decor of the room. Even if you opt for blinds, you can soften the look of the windows by adding a fabric valance in a pretty color and pattern.
If you want to insulate the room with bay windows, then you can choose honeycomb shades. They are technically not blinds but they look very warm and cozy. Have fun decorating your bay window and enjoy the compliments that pour in.