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Best Way to Soundproof Basement Ceiling

Madhura Pandit Feb 20, 2020
If you plan to use your basement as a game room or as a recreational room, soundproofing it is a good idea. Here is some information about the best way to soundproof your basement ceiling.
The basement is a place in your house that can be used for any purpose according to the need. It can be converted to a game room, a TV room, a recreational room, or just a place for your children to hang out with their friends.
Some people also convert their basement into a home theater. Basements are rarely used for storage these days. It is also a perfect place to tinker around with some carpentry, cabinetry, or mechanical DIY jobs. Soundproofing the basement thus becomes necessary to avoid disturbing and annoying others.
Secondly, it is also essential to shut out the outside noise if the basement is to be turned into a recreational room or a home theater.
There are different ways of soundproofing a basement ceiling. Insulation is the traditional and most widely used method. However, installing lights in an insulated room is often a cause of worry. IC rated lights can be used in rooms with an insulated ceiling.
Having multiple layers of drywall is another method used for soundproofing a basement. Resilient channels are metal channels that are used to inhibit transmission of sound. These channels are mostly used in walls and ceilings. Acoustic panels or soundproof felt can also be used to soundproof ceilings of the basement.
Apart from all these, the best way to soundproof basement ceiling is using Mass Loaded Vinyl or MLV. Let us know more about it.

Using Mass Loaded Vinyl to Soundproof Basement Ceiling


Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), as a soundproofing agent, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. MLV are heavy vinyl sheets used to reduce transmission of sound. It can be used on floors, ceilings as well as walls.
Another beneficial aspect of it, is that it can also be used over a suspended ceiling. The material of MLV is like a thick carpet and can be cut with a utility knife. Hence, installing MLV yourself is a lot easier than using other soundproofing material. It can be nailed or even stapled.
MLV is available in dark colors as well as transparent shades. It is safe, tear resistant, non-toxic, and usually weighs up to 2 pounds per square feet. As these sheets are thick, they effectively help in soundproofing ceilings of the basement.

DIY Options

Soundproofing a basement can be done yourself as mass loaded vinyl is easy to use. As the material is available in sheets, it can be used comfortably in required quantity. If you wish to soundproof the ceiling of a basement, you will have to nail mass loaded vinyl at the foot of the beams. It also needs to be caulked to be more effective.
Once the caulking is done, the seams should be taped. In this way, mass loaded vinyl can be installed in the basement and even in other rooms. The ceiling or walls do not have to be reconstructed to be soundproofed.
Mass loaded vinyl can be used on the both sides of walls or ceiling. Another method of soundproofing a basement ceiling is to lay a mass loaded vinyl sheet under the carpet in the room above the basement.
Although mass loaded vinyl is expensive, it is one of the most efficient way for soundproofing walls and ceiling. You can research in the market and find the best product to soundproof basement ceiling in order to create a perfect place for your teenage kids to have their own rock band without giving you headaches and sleepless nights. Ciao!