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Bedroom Ideas for Young Women

Bidisha Mukherjee Mar 10, 2020
A young woman signifies energy, passion, softness, and beauty. Naturally, her bedroom should also incorporate elements from her nature and life.
Bedrooms for young women should be vibrant. Colorful walls, contemporary furniture, and delicate accessories should dominate the interior design. While every woman is going to have her own preferences in regard to color, and the basic appeal of her room, the overall layout should come across as lively and yet, not too loud.
You can experiment with colors yes, but ensure that the walls don't become an eyesore. Avoid having a solid theme, so that you can make alterations as and when necessary.
If you aren't going to hire a professional to work on your room, you need to analyze a few things yourself. First, understand the size of your room and its shortcomings or limitations - what you can and cannot have. Decide how much storage you need. Try to focus more on utility than on flamboyance.
Remember, less is more. Analyzing the dimensions of your room will help you finalize certain elements when you check the ideas mentioned below. If you have already liked or shopped for certain accessories, incorporate them well, i.e., make space for them while you are designing your room. The gallery below will help you with some ideas.

Wall Color

Two typical or mostly-used colors are soft pink and pastel. However, you can use other lively colors such as red, green, blue, purple, etc., to add a dramatic effect.
Some of you may feel that dark colors have an overwhelming visual effect. In that case, you can use these colors as accent colors, i.e., you can paint just one wall with a dark color and the rest with a lighter shade of the same color. For further decoration, you can use stencils. Faux finishing will also add a great touch.

Color Range

The furnishing of your room will determine the way it looks in the end. Expensive, branded, or flamboyant furnishings don't ensure a good-looking room; placing them properly does. Try to choose furniture that is small in size and light in weight, so that you can move it on your own as and when required.


Also choose bedspreads, blankets, curtains, draperies, etc., according to the wall colors.
This will make your room look like one complete entity. It is very important that the furnishings and accessories are well-coordinated with the color of the walls. An important point here, is the texture of certain furnishings. Ensure that they accentuate the room.


Keeping the walls completely bare will only result in less utilization of space available to you for decoration.
However, this does not mean you clutter your walls with too many pictures and unnecessary frames. Make sure that every element only and only enhances the visual appeal of your room.
A mirror on the wall will make your room look bigger. Keep at least one wall completely bare. To create a romantic ambiance inside the room, add candles, aromatherapy oil burners, low-light lamps, etc. Flowers and houseplants are always a good addition, but add them only if they look good.
Always try to make your room look spacious. Whether it is a room for a young woman or for an older one, it should look neat and well-planned.
Understand that certain elements look different individually and when they are placed in the room with everything else. In the end, your room should also reflect your personality as a person.