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Bay Window Seat Plans

Mrunal Belvalkar
Picture this: a cup of hot chocolate, a lamp shade, your favorite book, and the twilight sky outside your window... did that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside? Then you would love having a bay window in your house!
Bay windows gained popularity in the late 18th century. A typical bay window is a composite of 3 or more windows that protrude out of the walls of the room, like a bay. The central window is usually bigger, wider; and the windows on the sides are smaller and usually placed at an angle to the walls of the room to give a curved-in feel.
Bay windows can take up the entire wall from ceiling to floor, or they cover about 3/4th of the wall. Bay windows are a great way to increase the natural light entering a room. They can give you a view of your garden better than a regular window can. Most importantly, they break the monotony of the house in general.

The Bay Window Seat

An important element of the bay window is the bay window seat. The seat has to be comfortable and spacious. Depending on whether you plan to only sit, lean, or lie down in your bay window, the seat (and the window in general) has to be large enough. If you want beauty with utility, you can opt for a bay window with storage.
There are interesting design plans that you can use to reinvent the look and feel of your house. However, if you are someone who likes to be unique, you can go about designing your own bay window! But before that, it is very important to sit back and think - what is the purpose of your bay window going to be?
Depending on this, the structure, design and furnishing of the bay window will change. It would be a good idea to first take a look around at different bay windows that your neighbors, friends or relative may have. Visuals can really stimulate your creativity and thinking.
You might just come up with ideas to better a bay window design you saw at someone's house, or in a catalog or home-improvement magazine; or who knows, you might just come up with your very own unique plan!
A seat with storage is a great way to increase the utility of your bay window. The seat of a bay window can double up as a storage cupboard. All sorts of things can go into the cupboard, from study material to extra shoes! A bay window can also be designed to act as a shelf.
This would be a great idea if you plan to turn your bay window into a reading corner or a music station (as discussed ahead). Alternatively the drawer design for a bay windows can be used to store extra linen, mattresses, pillows, winter-wear or even old books and magazines you don't want to trash away!

Some Unconventional Bay Window Ideas

So you went out to survey the different bay window patterns that your friends and relatives have - and you came back thoroughly confused! They all look the same, they all feel the same... what do you do now? Here are some ideas for transforming an ordinary bay window into something else!

Reading Corner

If you are someone who loves reading every night before going to bed, or likes to spend lazy Sunday afternoons in the company of books, you are going to love this idea! A bay window can be turned into a cozy reading corner.
You can have a lamp-shade, or a hanging lamp on one side of the bay window, a soft mattress on the seat and maybe a couple of square cushions to prop on. But the most defining thing would be to have the bay window seat turned into a book shelf!
You can have glass doors for the shelf; or if you want to keep your book collection away from the eyes of friends who borrow books and do not return them, you can opt for a plain wooden door. However, if the thought of kneeling down to pull out a book bugs you, you can instead just have a small storage cupboard built in the seat.
You can keep extra cushions, cushion covers, spreadsheets for the mattress or a couple of blankets in the storage - for those cold winter nights!

Tent or Playing Area

This would be a great idea for your child's room! It would work best with polygonal bay windows. You can have pegs at the top of the window, and your child can hang drapes from the pegs and turn the bay window into a small tent!
Your child can have all his/her favorite things together in one place. The bay window could well become a life-size doll house! And of course; when not in use, the drape and toys can all go into the storage in the bay window seat.


If you are fond of having plants inside your house, but don't want your house to get too dirty either, then placing them in a bay window could be a great alternative. You can have a ledge outside the window, where you can place your pots.
Imagine opening the window to your very own garden, without leaving the house! If you place fragrant flower plants, it would even help you make your room smell good! It would also add color and light to your room.

Music Station

For those of you who like to forget everyone, shut everything out and escape into their own world while listening to music, turning your bay window into a music station could be a really cool idea! You can have speakers mounted on the walls.
Being a closed-in, curved structure, listening to music in a bay window could even give you the feeling of a sitting in an empty auditorium, with the music all to yourself! With a little care and planning, the acoustics of the window could be designed to give you the perfect surround sound.
Plus all your CD and DVD can go into one place - under the window seat! Listening to music can be transformed into a truly divine experience!

To Simply Kick-back and Relax!

If your only purpose of having a bay window is to have a place to simply sit-back and do nothing in, then you can go for the conventional bay window seat plans.
Someone rightly said - simplicity is beauty; and there can be nothing as comely as a bay window with a comfortable mattress, soft fluffy pillows and a warm blanket to curl into right away!
Having a bay window in your house is like creating your own comfort zone, your own niche that you can take shelter in after an exceptionally tired day, or an exceptionally happy one too! It is YOUR space in your own house that no other family member can invade. Go ahead - create a window to escape into your own world!