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Bay Window Curtains

Bhakti Satalkar
Curtains can enhance the look of a room or they can destroy it. Therefore, it is important that you take utmost care, when you choose your bay window curtains as well as curtains for the other windows in the house.
A bay window actually consists of three windows, which are joined together to form one large window. The windows are set at angles and they can either form a square or a polygon.
If one has to survey the bay windows, it will be noticed, that the inside corners of the bay window have 90, 135 and 150 degree angles or they may be set at 30 or 45 degree angles. The bay window is the protruding part of a house, which is very commonly seen in Victorian architecture.
Bay windows allow a lot of fresh air and light into the house. The biggest advantage is that they make your house look bigger and spacious. If you don't have a balcony, use the bay window area as a relaxing area to read, have a cup of coffee or just to look out of the house.
There is a misconception, that bay windows are only a part of the living room. However, this is far from true, as they can also be seen in kitchen as well as the bedrooms.
The beauty of these bay windows can be enhanced more with the use of curtains. Curtains for bay windows make the house more attractive and appealing. At the same time, they ensure you have the much-needed privacy.

Getting Curtains for Bay Windows

Bay windows design plans are normally unique, therefore, finding the right window curtains can pose a tedious task. There are a number of options for curtains from which you can choose.
However, it is often difficult to come to a conclusion whether the curtains for bay windows will enhance the look of the window or not. Hence, people always face the problem of, how to make curtains for bay windows. This is because bay window curtains should be in sync with the rest of the room.
You can decorate the bay window by using different types of rods. Although it is commonly seen, that people pay little or no attention to the curtain rods. Elegant and decorative curtain rods will no doubt add to the beauty of the curtains. There are decorative curtain rods for bay windows which are now available as well.
You might not have to use valances while using decorative curtain rods. There is one point which you will have to consider. You will need curtain rods, which can bend in two places and go across the entire breadth of the window. If you are not able to lay your hands on the folding curtain rods, then you can choose to make use of two small and one long rod.
One can decide to make curtains in different lengths for the windows. One of the option is to divide the length of the curtains and make two different curtains. The second option is to make use of floor length curtains.
The advantage of using floor length curtains is, that, when you can draw them away from the window to the sides, and you can enjoy the entire length of the bay window.
This may not be possible if you make use of two different curtains, as you will have to draw two curtains away to enjoy sitting in the bay window. However, if you have your radiator located on the lower portion of the window, then using shorter curtains is the right option for you.
There are also rod pocket curtains which can be used to complement the bay window area. A huge variety of colors and patterns are available in these rod pocket curtains.
You can install valances along with drapes as well. This is just another way of decorating the bay window. The drapes can be hung on the outsides and the valances can be used in between the drapes. The combination of valances and drapes will render a very tasteful look to your bay window.
Choosing the right color for the drapes is of extreme importance as well. One of the bay window decorating tips is to opt for lighter color, where privacy is not an issue. This will ensure you get as much of sunlight as possible. On the same lines opt for lighter color, where there is not much of light.
Different types of curtain fabrics dress the room differently. Each one of us wants unique curtains not just to dress our room but also to maintain our privacy. Depending on the d├ęcor of the room along with the color scheme, you can choose the right curtain for the bay window.
The different fabrics from which you can choose include: chenille, cotton (long-lasting and good to keep the sun at bay), jacquard, linen, bamboo (to lend a natural look), satin, sheer (if the window opens into a garden), silk, velvet, voile, muslin (for the cozy feel), challis, brocade (for the dressy look), damask, lace, net, organdy, organza and tissue.

Stitching Patterns for Bay Windows

For decorating the room, the fabric of the curtain as well as the pattern used to stitch the curtain is equally important. Select a pattern depending on the room in which the bay window is located.
Half length curtains have come back in vogue and if you want to let some sunlight into the room, then it is the opt pattern for you. Alternately, the curtains can also be stitched in blind format using a stiffer fabric like cotton.
When finding bay window curtains becomes difficult, it is the best time to let your imagination flow. I have always observed this, when I try to think out of the box, I come up with ideas, which not only look good, but at the same time they save me a lot of money as well.
You can think of hanging a stationary panel in between the bay window, provided there is plenty of space available. On this panel, you can probably hang a photo frame of your loved ones. Take a deep breath and start decorating your bay window!