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Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Kritika Parwani
Bay windows give a character to the room while enhancing its beauty. If you have bay windows in your house, you may find it a daunting task to find curtains.
Bay windows are beautiful architectural home decorating features, which add an exotic look to the room. They enhance natural light, and add depth to a room. Besides looking great, they also require very little maintenance and window treatment.
If you are lucky enough to have bay windows in your home, you may face difficulty getting curtain ideas to decorate the already great looking windows. But it does not have to be challenging. Though it is obvious that ordinary curtains and rods do not work for curved bay windows, there are plenty of options to choose from.
The curtains you choose for bay windows should accentuate the natural beauty of the bay windows. You do not want curtains that hide the windows. It is usually difficult to come up with ideas for bay window curtains, because of the unique shape of the bay windows. Though the number of windows vary, generally bay windows are three side by side windows in a semicircular formation. Also, bay windows usually accentuate a cushioned bench or a cozy nook.
When you have bay windows at home, you definitely want curtains for bay windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful view you have outside, along with complimenting the room and the window itself.
If you are looking for a more traditional look, then the best option is to use drapes. There are a multitude of choices in drapes. One option is using sheer curtains which allow the natural light to stream in while still providing privacy. Another option is using solid decorative window panels or embroidered drapery fabric along with sheer drapes.
This gives the bay window a versatile and elegant look. Here, you have the option of pulling the sheer close if you want a bright room, while leaving the decorative panel as it is, or you can pull both, the sheer and the decorative panel, to block out all the light and really create a dramatic look.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most classic choices for curtains. As roman shades are made out of fabric, they look very beautiful. Besides looking good, they also keep the bay window tidy and uncluttered. Also, if you have a creative streak, then you can even learn how to make roman shades at home.
If you have a beautiful colorful garden view, then keep the color of the roman shades simple. But if you have a black and white city view, then you can use colorful patterns and textures for the window blinds.
With blinds, you have the option of drawing your blinds for privacy or rolling them up to look at the great view you have. If you want to further enhance the look of the bay windows, then adding valences to the blinds is a great option.
If you have a cottage style home with a rustic theme, then shutters happen to be the best option for you. Window shutters are a great way of adding texture and charm to the room, while still enjoying natural light. They are also very practical, as they require less maintenance and not much window cleaning hassles. You can even paint the shutters in bright colors for continuing the rustic look. You can also use shutters in a modern decor by using bold metal shutters in place of painted rustic shutters.
Though at first finding curtain ideas for bay windows can seem challenging, just by using your creativity, you can come up with options for curtains for bay windows that will suit your room decor and style. No matter what your decor is, whether modern or rustic, or a Victorian style decor there are lots of options available.