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Regal Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Medha Godbole
Looking for some wall art ideas for your bathroom? Here are some really interesting and unique ideas to decorate your bathroom walls.

Tips to Enhance Bathroom Decor

1. Try to choose art pieces that add elegance to your bathroom, and at the same time can be used for practical purposes.

2. Opt for handmade artifacts like bamboo baskets and trays to complement the wall art in your bathroom.
Great bathrooms having plush designs and a fabulous wall art - this great combination can make your visitors turn green. Even though you have a small bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot make it look great. You can embellish the walls with wall art, have a snazzy shower enclosure, a different kind of bathtub, etc., to add beauty to your bathroom.
There is a pool of ideas to decorate your bathroom and most of them have been shared in the following sections. Take a look at these ideas and use them according to your requirements and convenience.

Majestic Mirrors

The concept of a mirror as one of the essential accessories in the bathroom has moved on to its use as a wall art that beautifies your bathroom and fills that empty wall in an artistic way.
The plus point of installing one or more mirrors in the bathroom is that they create an illusion of space, which makes even a smaller bathroom look bigger. These wall arts may be expensive, but the look they offer to the bathroom, makes the investment worth it.
Furthermore, if the mirrors are enhanced with proper lights, the reflections created are clearer, thus making the bathroom look airy and spacious.

Dainty Decals

Wall decals are stickers that can be used to cover the entire wall with a single pattern or they can be individual wall tattoos that can be placed randomly anywhere on the wall.
Kids often get bored very easily, hence this type of wall art will offer the change that they desire as the decals are repositionable and removable. When it comes to the application of wall decals, you can peel and stick the smaller designs on your own, while the larger ones may need professional help.

Tiles All-over

It is a conventional type of wall art that is commonly found on several bathroom walls and even the floor. There is almost an unlimited choice of patterns, colors, and textures of tiles that will please anyone's taste.
Tiling offers a neat and clean look to your bathroom with the uniformity. It is also an affordable medium of flooring, which lasts longer maintaining the newer look.
You can choose to tile your entire bathroom, or use tiling on the bottom half of the wall and decorate the upper portion with other wall art. To tiling the walls of the bathroom, ceramic tiles is a great option. Because of its water-resistant nature, it protects the walls from dampness, thus increasing their durability.

Letters Do the Trick

Loved by children and teenagers, lettering is another wall art design in demand nowdays. Wise quotes and sayings that have a special place in your heart and you want them to stay with you always, can be inscribed on bathroom wall with some artistic font or in calligraphy. It will decorate your wall and also keep refreshing your memories about those lines.

Wallpapered Wall

Wallpapers have been an all-time favorite style of decorating any wall. With a lot of improvisations in its application, wallpapers are now being used widely to decorate even bathroom walls.
However, when choosing wallpaper for your bathroom wall, it is extremely important to pick the right kind of wallpaper because the level of humidity is high in this area. The types of wallpapers are vinyl coated, coated fabric, paper backed and fabric backed vinyl, etc.
Vinyl coated wallpapers are best for bathroom wall covering because they are treated with acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, which makes them water-resistant. These wallpapers can withstand the long-term exposure to humidity and are scrubbable and strippable.
Similarly, paper backed vinyl and fabric backed vinyl wallpapers are also a good option for bathroom walls. On the contrary, the fabric coated wallpapers are not recommended for bathroom walls because they are unable to resist humidity.

Wondrous Wood

While using this form of decoration you have two options- you can either do wood wainscoting on the entire wall, or frame the wall with art works created on wooden pieces.
The advantage of wood wainscoting is that it decorates the wall and conceals any flaws present on the wall. Wood wall panels and plaques are the best options to present a rustic theme with beautiful hand-crafted artistry.

Metallic Beauty

These wall arts are easy to fix and if used thoughtfully, they can serve certain practical purposes.
For instance, art pieces with handles, hooks, and bars can be useful to hang towels and clothes. Metal wall arts are pretty easy to clean and this makes them look new for a longer period.
It is recommended to choose wall art made of non-corrosive materials like aluminum, stainless steel, etc., to prevent it from humid atmosphere. However, if you are opting for any corrosive metal, ensure that is coated with protective material before installation.


This type of bathroom decoration involves use of a single or multiple canvas frames. This is one of the most common and preferred type of bathroom wall art. You can replace the frames whenever you want and get them in sync with the over-all theme.
Canvas painting has a tremendous scope for creativity. Furthermore, it is really inexpensive, so you can keep changing your bathroom theme frequently. Canvas painting offers your bathroom that extravagant, charming look that will make it stand apart.

Mural Magic

Murals are truly magical wall art designs that offer an expansive look to even a small bathroom with a touch of elegance. Usually, a professional artist comes to your place and paints the mural.
However, these days there are companies that are able to create these designs digitally on a wall covering material, which has to be only applied to the wall. You just have to select a design from the available varieties and call the professionals for its application on the bathroom wall.
These were some of the wall art ideas to choose from while building or remodeling your bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom on a budget, you can opt for wall painting as it's an inexpensive, yet a great option to change the look of your bathroom.