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Your Guide to Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Showers

Mayuri Kulkarni
Ceramic tiles are the vastly used tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. They come in a large variety of designs and sizes; this can make choosing the perfect ceramic tile for shower areas a bit confusing.
Ceramic tiles are the perfect tiles for your bathroom. These tiles come in a wide array of colors and blend well with any type of bathroom theme.
They are the ultimate choice to make your bathroom unique in color and design. If you want to remodel your bathroom, ceramic tile flooring is a great idea. Ceramic tiles will never disappoint you where choice of color is concerned, as they come in variegated hues where you can choose colors that will satisfy your needs.
You can choose the color of your choice that will go well with your bathroom accessories and bathroom decor.
They come in almost all geometric shapes and thus fit into any type of bathroom decor. The main advantage of ceramic tiles is low maintenance and durability.

Ideas for Ceramic Tile Showers

While bathroom remodeling, the most difficult task is choosing ceramic tiles for your shower, because you need to decide the color and pattern of the ceramic tiles and also the number of tiles you will require.
Ceramic tiles, being non-porous and easy to clean, make one of the best shower tile options. With their wide range of appealing designs, they fulfill your need of color and pattern.
You can choose simple designs, made up of two colors, or opt for a special pattern based on a particular theme or picture.
If you do not want a traditional ceramic pattern for your shower, you can install ceramic tile murals in your bathroom. Ceramic tile murals are custom tiles that are used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash.
Ceramic tiles are hand painted by artists who are involved in the mural business. There are a number of designs that can be made from ceramic tile murals that include art themes, scenes, abstracts of animals, trees and many more. These tiles are durable and resistant to moisture, heat, etc.
Enhance the beauty of your bathroom by using simple colors and patterns. You can choose a simple pattern with a color combination of two or more colors.
You can install chair rail pattern, border pattern or one of the many other ceramic tile ideas.
For a chair rail shower idea, all you need is two different types of tiles with contrasting colors. A border shower idea is the best idea to give your bathroom a simple yet sophisticated look. Borders enhance the beauty of ceramic tiles.
Themes for the ceramic tile shower are a great option. You can give a traditional or customized look to your shower area with various themes.
A theme can be anything that reflects your interests, be it in music, sports or other hobbies. Themes can include graceful designs that depict garden themes, lakes, traditional pictures, and many more. You can easily customize the ceramic tiles as per your interest.

Before you choose the ceramic tiles to embellish your bathroom, you must:

  • Research a little on the different types available. You can search on the Internet and get information on different shower tile ideas and the approximate cost.
  • Since ceramic tiles come in all shapes, decide how you can use them properly.
  • Ceramic tiles have a broad array of colors. If your bathroom is small, choose light-colored tiles to make the bathroom look larger. If your bathroom is large you can try out various combinations of colors.
  • Consult an expert before you finalize your ceramic tile shower design.
Being a lifetime investment, bathroom ceramic tiles should be chosen carefully. As there are a number of choices, choose one that fits in your budget without a squeeze and goes well with your bathroom decor as well.