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Basement Flooring Ideas

Uttara Manohar
Planning to revamp your basement? Try out some peppy, classy flooring and give it an uber-chic renovation. Plan a perfect flooring of your desire according to the area and pattern of your basement.
There's a lot you can do with basement flooring if you know how to do it right. There are major factors to be consider, like what exactly are you doing with that space. Are you going to make it an extra bedroom space? A recreational one? To store wine or just to make it a storage room? Depending on what you want to do with it, choose your idyllic flooring.

Things To Consider While Evaluating Different Flooring Ideas

Area Measurement

  • You need to have an estimate of the floor area in order to choose a flooring option that is feasible for the area under consideration.

Water Resistance

  • It is very important to make sure whether or not you require a flooring that is water-resistant since areas which are prone to water leakage and flooding cannot afford to have water-sensitive flooring.

Fire Resistance

  • It is always a safe option to pick a flooring option that is resistant to fire attacks.


  • You have to think about the budget and decide on a rough financial estimate, which you are willing to spend on the flooring. Your budget will also play a major part in deciding the type of flooring you pick.


  • You will have to think about a particular theme or style you are incorporating in your basement. Flooring has to be in line with the other interior design elements.


  • Depending on the kind of usage you intend for your basement, the flooring has to be durable and should need minimum maintenance over time.

Flooring Ideas for Your Basement

Having discussed the things to be kept in mind before finalizing your flooring, let's now discuss the options available for basement flooring...

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a great option for basement areas that are not susceptible to water or excessive humidity. There are options where you can make your wood flooring water-resistant, but that increases its overall cost. It can be hardwood or softwood.
You can install parquet squares, planks or strip flooring as per your choice. This makes your basement easy to vacuum or sweep. Wood flooring gives a place a warm and cozy feel. But, it can be a bit slippery when wet or even when dry. It is quite durable and requires re-finishing or maintenance after around five years or so.

Carpet Flooring

It is another convenient option for your basement. There are several options like seagrass, jute, or coir. One major problem with carpeting floors is that it cannot be washed. But, it can be vacuumed. Some of varieties get stained easily and even fade with time.
In case you don't like the carpeting idea, you can simply use an elegant rug for the basement. In addition, there also exists an option of using durable rubber mats which are not only waterproof and durable but also very economical.


In case you are going for concrete flooring, you can simply paint on the floor to give your basement a simple yet colorful touch. Concrete flooring can be cleaned with a damp mop and requires minimum maintenance over the years.
Concrete flooring might be a little hard underfoot and also slippery when wet. However the slipperiness can be overcome by incorporating a texture to the flooring. Concrete flooring is an economical flooring option as well.

Mosaic Tile/Ceramic Tiles

Using ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles is a very popular idea. Tiled flooring is easy to clean with damp mops and requires maintenance only after excessive use over the years.
The tiled flooring gives a very elegant look to the room but can also be very slippery when wet, so caution is needed.
The tiled flooring gives a very elegant look to the room but can also be very slippery when wet, so caution is needed.
Remember, no matter which flooring you use in your basement, always pick comfortable, economical, stylish option which requires minimum maintenance. Do not hesitate to invest in expensive options that guarantee longer durability, and better quality, after all you only want to choose the best options for your home, be it your drawing room or your basement.