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Basement Floor Plans

Gaynor Borade Mar 7, 2020
Home improvement involves renovation or reconstruction of every section of the house. Basement floor plans can result in the most astonishing changes in the house. There are a number of resources that help you plan the basement in a way that compliments the layout of other rooms.
Basement flooring plans involve the renovation of the basement, to optimize space in the urban home. Urban vertical expansion has made it necessary to consider ways and means by which the space at hand can be optimized. 
Basement remodeling can help you 'add room' to the existent structure. A good basement floor plan creates additional storage or living space. Today, a number of home-owners are also looking up basement plans to create a unique home-office.

Planning Basement Renovation

The basement is often an overlooked area of a home, and the modern basement has ceased to be a storage space.
The area is as much as the floor area of the whole home, at ground level and can be transformed into a family room, an entertainment zone, or spare bedroom. Some people renovate their basement as their alternate living area, complete with a bath and kitchen.
Use your imagination and decide what type of area you want your basement to become. The basement is space that you can use to enhance your lifestyle.

Basement Floor Plan Basics

There are many online and offline resources that provide detailed blue prints of basement finishing plans.
These resources also make available the necessary elevation drawings according to the original plan of the house.
When adopting a basement floor plan, it is very necessary to indulge in budgeting, look up the requirements of building material and research on 'real value for investment' offers. You could plan a unique basement living room, bathroom, kitchen, or a basement master bedroom.
The basement floor ideas are easily accessible. You need to consider the family's long-term need, available funds in hand and the available drawings and specifications from reliable resources, on priority basis.
There are many reputed companies that specialize in basement construction and renovation. Once you make up your mind about customizing the basement, you need to prepare the entry and exit areas of the basement for extensive construction work.

Important Considerations

Condensation and moisture a major concern for most basements as they are beneath the water line. There are various basement floor plans that are designed to work around these issues.
When installing a basement floor it is imperative that you contact a professional contractor to ascertain whether water will be a problem for your basement plan. A contractor will be able to determine the level of moisture in the rooms and help you decide the type of flooring that will best suit your floor plans.
Proper preparation of the floor is essential to avoid damage to the flooring through moisture which will save you a lot of money and repair work.
Laminate, concrete, rubber foam mats and carpeting are some of the most common types of basement flooring. By installing a moisture barrier between the flooring and sub-floor, you can install carpet and laminate flooring. If the basement has levels of moisture, rubber foam mats are smart option.

Drawing the Basement Floor Plan

The designer for the flooring draws up a number of options for you to choose from.
The contractor takes detailed measurements and makes a sketch containing the existing steel beams, windows, stairs, heating systems, etc. With this information in hand, this professional is equipped to show you what is possible.
The contractor and designer work together on the furniture plan, plumbing, and electrical safety requirements, engineered flooring and the necessary elevation, depending on what you plan to convert the basement into. These two professionals also inform you about the light fixtures and switches that the basement would necessarily need.
Depending on what the basement is to be converted into, the initial changes are made on paper. Remember, you are renovating a space that you had probably forgotten even existed so any innovative idea is worth a try! It pays to work on the plan with the professionals. Once the basement construction starts, every change adds to the cost factor.
Adhering to the predetermined budget is the best way out. You could always enhance features later. What is important is that the required elevation is obtained and the groundwork is complete. Comparison shopping helps a lot. It is good to ask for at least three quotes from three different companies.

Different Types of Basement Floor Ideas

Underground bedroom plan

In this basement floor plan, the right elevation is very important. The flooring needs to be reconstructed and sealed well with basement water proofing.
In the case of a master bedroom, where the bath will be attached, the floor plan accommodates plumbing and drainage at the most suitable spot, depending on the plumbing of the rest of the home.

Basement home-office

In the basement office for the work-at-home business, the basement design and re-construction is directed towards ensuring peace of mind while at work. The floor plan accommodates the desirable, but simple electrical connectivity for the lighting and heating.

Basement entertainment room

Basement entertainment room, needs a versatile floor plan to conceal the wiring and lighting equipment. The use of expensive gadgetry demands the presence of a customized floor plan.
Renovating the basement increases the size of the living area. The best thing about basement floor plans is that they are contained in application and the renovation work does not involve a mess.
Including an extra bedroom or two in their plans can be great idea for basement improvement project. These bedrooms need not be luxurious so wood paneling and carpet would suffice, as these rooms can accommodate guests which don't want to sleep on the couch or the floor.
Besides acting as a few extra bedrooms for guests, a finished basement in your home will increase the value of your home and give your family more room.