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Basement Ceiling Options

Aparna Iyer
The following basement ceiling options can help people spruce up their basement and unleash the potential for creativity.
Most people think of the basement as a dark and dreary room in stark contrast to the rest of the house, partially because this is where people tend to store unwanted stuff. However, there is no reason why the lowermost portion of the building cannot be as inviting as the other quarters of the house.
A well-lit and beautifully decorated basement will add to the aesthetics of the house. Decorating and remodeling the basement can be a cheap or a costly affair depending on your budget.

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The first step towards making the basement look attractive is to tackle the ceiling. A basement can always be used as a game room, a gym or a home theater, provided we let our creative juices flow and think of innovative ideas that will make it look more appealing. Wires, ducts and pipes running across the ceiling render a shabby appearance to it.
The rational desire to cover up the messy ceiling so as to make the basement more presentable, has resulted in people coming up with a number of innovative ideas. These range from suspended ceilings, or false ceilings, to a simple canopy to mask the melange of pipes and wires. Depending upon one's budget, one can opt for one of the following options.

Bamboo Ceiling

Bamboo slats can be used to spruce up the basement ceiling and give it a tropical look. Bamboo can be used in combination with palm leaves and cane for added effect. It renders a garden-like appearance to the room.
Bamboo mat ceilings can also be used, in case one desires a soft and smooth canopy. Bamboo slats,on the other hand, make the surface look jagged. Although slats and mats can be painted, they look best in their natural shade. A perfect blend of artistic splendor without compromising on sobriety.

Fabric As a Canopy

A colorful fabric can render a gypsy tent effect to the room. The fabric can be stapled to the ceiling using a staple gun. Colorful fabrics that adorn the ceiling render a festive look to the room and make a bold statement. This is an inexpensive option. Some people may also consider it a bit unusual.

Mirrors Ceiling

If you would like to give your ceiling a makeover, having your basement look larger than its actual size delivering a semblance of space, a clever mirror tiling may work wonders.
Just keep in mind that the mirror tiles are delicate and demand maintenance. However, a major requirement for this project to be rated successful, is exercising your 'Grey's anatomy', as classic optical illusions are not easy to create!

Artifact Ceiling

Have constellations seep through ceiling and serve to be a sub-sky! Paint a mural on the ceiling to look the ceiling ornate. A historical figure, landscape or the ebb and flow of the water body will bring your ceiling to life.

Suspended Ceiling

Tiles supported by a metal grid, that is attached to the overhead structure, is an ideal suspended ceiling for people who want convenient access to the overhead wires, ducts and pipes. Colorful tiles or tiles with lovely patters can be used for a better effect. 
Suspended ceilings will reduce the height of the room while allowing access to the wires and pipes underneath the ceiling. This can be a blessing when a pipe springs a leak.

Drywall Ceiling

A drywall ceiling is made of a layer of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two thick sheets of cardboard and then kiln dried. It's best if this ceiling is installed by a professional.
A drywall ceiling is about 1.0-1.5 inches thick. Hence, it doesn't take up too much space. Moreover, it can be painted in different colors. However, one does not have easy access to the overhead wires and pipes.

Coffered Ceiling

All those who would want their basement to look par swish, may well opt for this idea. Although the coffered ceiling installation may cause your wallet to squinch, it is worth the measure.
A flip side to this project is that you don't need to do much for the embellishment of the basement, as the ceiling itself lends much elan. However, ensure that you appoint an experienced contractor for the job.

Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams for your basement; an embellishment borrowed from the traditional era is more than enough to add oodles of elegance.
These beams installed along with designer molds are a quintessential illustration delivering an environment that feels warm and comfortable. This could be considered a DIY project; the basic requirement being you, having a grasp for artistry work.
The basement ceiling is generally the least of our concerns when we are busy running around trying to balance our home and work life. However, if we intend to sell our house the basement needs to look presentable. Decorating the ceiling is only a part of the job.
The makeover is incomplete without attending to the flooring and subsequently the lights, in order to ensure that the basement is well-lit, thus making it more inviting. With the ceiling done and the lights in place, the basement is now ready to be used as a game room or a home theater.