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20 Baby Room Painting Ideas

Charlie S
Pink for the girl and blue for the boy have become just so passé. It's a revolution, we now have so many ideas to paint a baby's room. It is a little dreamy, a little vibrant, and a little fantastical. Here, have your pick...
Have you ever observed how a newborn is fascinated with bright colors? Yeah, babies like those bright flashy lights and balloons and festoons hanging all around the house. When nature itself is so colorful, why restrict your baby to seeing a pastel shade of blue and pink in his/her growing years.
Take heed parents, your child wants to learn and soon you will find him putting his imagination into the inanimate walls. So it would be wise if you actually help him with a good start.
Children always give signs of their preferences, you better start paying close attention (at times even before their birth). After all, it is going to be their room where they are going to spend most of their time playing in.

Baby Room Painting Ideas

- Ah! The fascination with animals, and things that are wild; don't you think this is a fantastic idea? A jungle-themed room would be apt, so when your baby starts to grow, he will be able to recognize the animals when you take him to the zoo for the first time.
- Take a dip into the clear blue sea. You have sharks and fishes swimming along with you. A perfect way to paint your child's imagination with shades of blue and some more colorful life that thrives down there.
- Ain't this motif so very cute to paint your lil babe's room with? It's got pink and looks colorful and lively. Sure, baby doll won't mind a room like this.
- Flowers are good no matter how big or small they are. They make the wall look good, and give the room a bright appearance.
- Not just pink, feel free to experiment with vibrant colors like these. Looks like a doll's house to me.
- You and your partner can invest a little time and create this vivid piece for your baby. It is really simple to do, just dip in and find a spot to fill.
- What's more befitting for angels than small, fluffy, white tufts of clouds. You can alternatively paint the ceiling with clouds, thus giving an open ceiling feel.
- Children like things that are colorful and lively. Now ain't it good to see the walls coming to life. Your baby is going to love being in this room.
- Life in the army, or call it love for nature, it has boyishness written all over it. Pastel green walls with few blobs of brown makes it a perfect idea.
- This one should suffice for your baby boy. A little bit of color that's all we are suggesting.
- Elegant, yet so very inviting. All those little colored dots makes me want to be in the room forever.
- The ultimate for a boy's room, this idea will be loved by every boy, including a baby.
- Leave behind all those pinks, let every wall come alive with a depiction of the story.
- Very close to nature, these fairy motifs make for a lively room.
- All those colorful balloons take me to a distant land filled with happiness. Perfect for a baby's room.
- Lively green walls with a series of flower motifs make for a great painting idea.
- Watch your baby's eyes go wild with excitement at the sight of these colorful and friendly insects and bugs.
- Small animal prints to go along with the pastel green walls. Makes it quite eye-pleasing.
- This particular motif works well for both a baby boy and girl. So if you have twins, this is a brilliant idea.
- Simple and beautiful, these pink candy floss walls are perfect for your daughter.
That's about some of the baby room painting ideas. You can choose one from these or get inspired to create your own.