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Adorable Baby Room Ideas

Aishwarya Nirmal
With the arrival of a baby in the house, the most speculated topic other than the gender of the baby, is ideas for decorating the baby's room. A lot about the decoration depends on whether it's a baby boy or a baby girl.
The baby's room should be pleasant. It is considered a healthy practice if both the parents equally participated in designing the baby's room. This creates a special bond between the baby and the parents even before the baby is born. There are numerous baby room ideas. Baby room layout design becomes easier by determining your requirements.
If you are in the family way, then you might be reeling under the pressure of preparing for your baby's arrival. Just having the high armchair and a collection of diaper is hardly enough. You have to think creatively and explore all the possibilities for making your baby warm and happy in his/her very room.
So how would you go about making everything just perfect for your newborn? The answer is paint colors. Splash some colors on the walls and make a dull room into a vibrant display of hues that can readily attract the attention of a baby. Your choice of color will affect your baby in some way or other.

Wall Colors and Decoration for Baby's Room

Green signifies life, renewal, nature, and energy.
Bright wall color keeps Babies energetic and happy.
Soft colors give Babies clarity and avoid confusion.
Colors play an important role in influencing our perception. A newly born is believed to see just black, white and gray color. As baby grows, the colors become more apparent. So, choose soft tones for baby's room as bright one can lead to confusion in their mind. Colors are also very subjective and can mean different things to everyone including children.
A baby's room should have vivid colors. Pink baby rooms for girls are the most suitable ones. Installing pink colored furniture, curtains and toys will make one of the best girl baby room ideas. For boys, you can include everything in blue.
Yellow and orange or pink and brown colors prove to be neutral and can be opted for, if the gender of the baby is not known or if you are expecting twins. A mix and match of green and brown creates an earthy effect on the wall. Other mural colors that you can safely choose for your baby are the pastoral colors.
Choose the fresh colors of flowers and butterflies for the walls. You can contrast the color of walls with the color of the furniture in your baby's room. Some parents prefer to leave no stones unturned when it comes to color. This could be a mistake. Though kids love colors and its splendor, the wrong colors can also have negative effect on them.

Baby's Room Theme Ideas

Setting a theme is a good idea for baby rooms. Picking up a theme from a fairy-tale, story books, nursery rhymes, cartoon series, etc. can be educational and creative. Painting the walls as per the theme with every incident sketched on each wall is a creative idea. You can place the vintage furniture inherited from your ancestors, in the room.

Pink Theme

Rainbow Theme

Astronaut Theme

Green Triangle Theme

Parents who want their kids to feel their parentage, in case of a famous bloodline, can have the vintage furniture placed in the room. If you want your baby to wake up to the beauty of nature, jungle theme will suit your needs. Painting the walls with trees and animals or installing a wallpaper with eye-catching scenery can have a great effect on the baby.
Celebrity baby room ideas are desirable for those crazy about Hollywood. Plan the layout like one of the Hollywood star's room or design the room with photos and belongings of the actor.

Room for twins

If you are expecting twins, go for twin baby room ideas; setting a theme and giving it a mirror image effect would be cool. Ideas for baby rooms can vary as per the requirement and liking of the parents.
Having many teddy bears and doll sets is a good idea for decorating a room for a baby girl. Boys' room can have a sports theme. Space research or ocean theme are creative ideas that can be common for baby girl's and baby boy's room. You can also make something on your own, like a fur-toy or a matching baby bedding as a part of baby room craft ideas.
If you want your child to wonder about the twinkling stars, then a portrait of the night sky on the ceiling is just perfect to embed curiosity in your child right from the cradle. Similarly, birds, planes along with pop culture icons for kids like Disney Princess, Toy Story characters, Teletubbies or GI Joe are chosen to make the kids' room special.

Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Some important precautions for the baby nursery, irrespective of the gender:

☀ Select a room that is away from external noise, or use soundproofing methods to block the noise. Room should not be in a remote corner from where you can't hear the baby's voice. If you can't having it in a far off corner, then install proper electronic monitoring devices.
☀ The baby's room should be spacious and bright. Try to have a window that allows maximum light in the room.

☀ If the room is not very big, avoid cramming it up with too much kids' furniture and toys.
☀ Use appropriate drawers and cupboards to store the toys. Ensure that none of the furniture items has sharp edges, if there are any, cover them up with rubber or foam-like material.

☀ Have at least two windows to maintain continuous fresh air in a room. Also, have screens installed on the windows so that bugs and insects stay out of your little one's room.
☀ Place a thick mat on the floor throughout the room and vacuum it regularly. Install shades and curtains to cover up the windows during the baby's nap time.

☀ Place the baby crib in the room where there is enough air circulation and sunlight.
The arrival of a baby really changes the parents' world. So, it finally depends on the parents how they design and create their little ones' world by selecting the appropriate color scheme and themes from the many baby room ideas they get.