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Adorable Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

Madhura Pandit Mar 14, 2020
A baby nursery should be comfortable and delightful. Here are some decorating ideas that help you create a special place for your baby.
The arrival of your baby is one of the most awaited moments of your life. Before you bring home your newborn baby, you would want to decorate the nursery to make it special and unique. It will be a lot easier if you know the gender of your baby. A nursery can also be customized according to a specific theme.

Baby Nursery Checklist

✔ Cradle, bassinet, or a crib
✔ Baby bed, bedding, sheets
✔ Waterproof covers, mattress pads
✔ Rocking chair or any comfortable chair for you
✔ Table or dresser for changing the baby's clothes
✔ Diapers, basket for diapers
✔ Baby clothes, cabinet
✔ Baby bath
✔ Towels, napkins, other toiletries
A baby car seat, baby carriage, window shades, chairs, soft toys, etc., are some other things that can be bought to decorate a nursery. However, if you are on a budget, you can invest only in the basic things like a crib, dresser, a comfortable chair, and essential baby products.

Ideas for Decorating a Baby Nursery

Color Scheme

Pastels and white are the color schemes used in a classic nursery. Pastel shades of pink or orange for baby girls, and powder blue for boys is a commonly used color scheme.
However, according to latest trends, brighter and unusual color shades are used to decorate walls of the nursery. Bright green, yellow, or orange will help in creating a lively look for the baby nursery.


If you have decided a theme for the nursery, you can look for the furniture accordingly. Custom-made furniture (related to the theme) can be a good, but, expensive option.
Secondly, placement of the furniture is also important. Make sure the crib, the dresser, and the chair are placed in comfortable positions, as these will have the maximum traffic flow in the room.


Baby cribs in attractive colors with brightly colored linen are available. You should look for linen and crib that can be easily cleaned. It is advisable to look out for cotton or organic mattresses for baby bedding.
Make sure that the mattress is soft, but firm, such that it does not change its shape. On the other hand, there should be enough space to store baby clothes, accessories, toys. Open shelves can be used to store towels, diapers, soft toys, riding toys, musical toys, etc.


The baby nursery should have as much as natural light as possible. Arrange window drapes such that natural light flows through it. For lighting, you can look for softer lights. Heavy lighting will not be required if the room has bright wall colors.


After you shop for furniture, you can look for other things to decorate the nursery. You can make a collage of pictures of your baby, or even have the name of your baby written artistically on the wall. Decorative progress charts can also be hung on the wall.
Popular nursery theme ideas include princesses, mermaids, or other cartoon characters for your baby girl, whereas space, sports, and safari themes for your baby boy. You can mix and match colors and accessories to create a unique theme.

Decorating on a Budget

  • To save money, you can consider painting the nursery at home. It may not look perfect like a professional, but, will definitely be unique. You can even invite your friends for hand painting your baby's nursery.
  • Another simple and efficient way to save money is to buy used baby cribs or bassinets.
  • You can even consider using hand-me-downs. If you are creative and can sew well, think about making your own baby clothing or mattresses.
  • You can only buy the basic crib, dresser, and baby products if you are on the budget. These are the things you will need the most and it's only logical to have them immediately. Later, you can look for other accessories.
Lastly, note that the safety of the baby is paramount. While going for any of the decorating ideas, you should remember not to shop for things having sharp or rough edges. Also, do not have glass shelves with show pieces within the baby's reach. With these few ideas and tips, you will find that nursery decorating can be creative, and also a lot of fun!