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Amazing Interior and Exterior Pictures of Yurt

Pratik Joshi Sep 16, 2020
A traditional yurt is a tent like structure which is also called as 'ger'.
The yurt is most famous in Mongolia.
There are a variety of designs available for building interior as well as the exterior of the yurt.
The average cost for building the yurt is $27,000.
The yurt is very comfortable and warm place to stay.
You can add a cozy bed in the yurt.
The yurt is very romantic place for couples. Adding dim light in the yurt adds to the beauty of the yurt.
You can add a bathroom under the yurt.
Yurt full form is 'Yearround Universal Recreational Tent', and hence can be placed anywhere.
The yurt can deal with heavy winds. You can use waterproof canvas for outer side.
Wool covered yurt are best for winter.
You can make beautiful interiors in the yurt by adding mirrors and lights.
Crown like design at the top is common in yurt.
These are highly eco-friendly.