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All About Dhurrie Rugs

Revamp your home with the best collection from our designers. Give your indoor and outdoor space a new refreshed look with our Dhurrie rugs and all weather rugs.
Ajay Rai Jun 19, 2019

Summers are almost there.

Our designer team is geared up for the latest summer friendly collection of Dhurrie Rugs and all weather rugs.


Let us look at the collection for a fresh, airy and soothing summer feel in your interior as well as outdoor space.

Yellow Dhurrie Rugs

Bring a touch of tradition in your modern home with this vibrant "Yellow Floor" Dhurrie Rugs.

Living Room

Add boldness to your living room, dinning, or bedroom floors.


Made with love by skilled artisans, these dhurrie rugs will pump the style in any space while adding warmth to entire ambience.

Blue Bites

These Natural "Blue Bites" Dhurrie Rugs add a dose of fresh natural color and ethnic charm to your floors.

Orange Bar

These multi-purpose Dhurrie Rugs can be used as meditation or as yoga mats.

All Weather Rugs

Durable and weather resistant, these Outdoor Rugs will be perfect for your space this summer, adding a blend of comfort as well as style.

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