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A Helpful Guide to Buy a TV Stand

Cheryl Mascarenhas
A TV stand is needed to effectively use up the space in the room, while also doubling up as a storage cabinet. Before you decide on the right TV stand, consider the following points mentioned here.
Opt for a TV credenza to house a television along with other living room essentials, like throws, blankets, and pillows.
Gone are those days of bulky TV stands and huge wall cabinets. The updated versions are sleek, compact, and convenient to move around the room.
Besides, you are sure to find a huge variety of stands to suit your needs. While compact TV stands work for smaller apartments and dorms, entertainment centers are fit for luxurious apartments and dedicated recreational rooms.
With elegant designs that satisfy multiple needs, the TV stand can easily become the focal point of your living or recreational room.

Understanding the Basics

A TV stand should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the television set without toppling over.
Most entertainment centers come equipped with enough storage cabinets to hold not only the television, but also the cadre of audio/video components, including your collection of music CDs and movie DVDs. A TV stand, on the other hand, may or may not have enough storage space although they can be sturdy and artistic.

Size of the Television

One of the foremost points to remember is to consider the weight and width of the television. A TV stand should be large enough to hold the weight of the television.
It also needs to be deep enough so that the television set does not hang over the front or the back, which could result in the TV toppling over. Another important factor is to note the height of the television. You do not want to be straining your neck looking at a TV set placed higher or lower than eye level.

The Placement

A lot depends on where you decide to place the TV stand. Do a quick survey of the room, and measure the width of the room to get an estimate of how much space you have in hand.
A small room will demand a space-saving option, while a large room requires a larger stand so as to avoid the furniture from appearing lost in a wide room. Apart from basic measurements, remember to match the TV stand with the existing furniture to avoid a mismatch.

Shelves and Storage Options

A minimalistic stand will come equipped with at least two shelves to hold your audio-video components. A bigger room obviously demands more storage space to house not just the television set, but also a few display objects and personal belongings like books and frames. The ideal stand should be one that allows you to adjust the shelves as per your needs.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a TV stand is the portability.
Choose stands that are easily movable or come with an option of swivel if your room is small or you like to switch from the couch to the chair. Smaller TV cabinets and platforms often have wheels attached to allow you to move it from one room to another.

Weigh Your Options

Choosing from different types of TV stands can be a daunting task, considering the options you have in the market. Obviously, there is one to suit every room and meet every need, and to do that, you need to decipher the options.

Cantilever Stand or a Corner Stand for Smaller Spaces

While a cantilever stand is nothing but a wall mount that rises from the base of an additional storage, a corner stand is angled to fit into corners to save space. Both these types are ideal for those of you who love to rearrange their furniture on a regular basis or are facing a space crunch.

Wall Mounts, Platform Stands, and Entertainment Centers

Wall mounts and entertainment centers are perfect for those with luxurious apartments to create the effect of a home theater.
Apart from holding the TV, it also accommodates a whole lot of entertainment components as well as media, like CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays etc., making it the focal point in the room. Platform TV stands, although are bare minimalistic, appear airy and render the room a sophisticated look.
Before buying a stand, ensure that it is sturdy and strong. Choose one that suits your room, fits your needs, holds your television, and is within your budget.