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9 Home Improvement Hacks on A Budget

Muneeza Jamal Jan 9, 2020
You are thinking to improve your home but the problem is you have a low budget. We are here to make your wish come true. Stop being sad. Just roll up your sleeves. It’s time to apply some hacks for home improvement. Here we go!

Redesign Cabinet

Just give a new look to your kitchen. Try to replace a cabinet font. It’s a very low-cost idea and you can simply hide your dirty cabinets with new fonts.

Couch Slipcover

Moving to the sitting area, couch is the most used furniture in your home. You can change the slipcover of your sofa to make it look new. It will hardly cost $100. Just change the slipcover and no one will be able to guess that it is the old couch.

Paint Walls

Visit the local home improvement store and buy the paints of your choice. You can be creative and give different designs to your home walls. Fresh paints will make your home look attractive. Home painting is not much difficult. DIY YouTube tutorials are a good way to learn and design.

Light Fixture

The ugly light fixtures also need to be improved. Use wallpapers to cover the old lights to make it look pretty. You can use the wallpapers contrasting to the wall paints. This will give a streamlined look to your room.

Frame the Mirror

Beautiful but low-cost frames for mirrors are easily available in the market. You just need to find a frame similar to the bathroom's other accessories. It will cost less than $20 to make your toilet look new.

Painting Stairs

Painting is cheap but it creates a new look. You can paint your stairs and give it a new design. Moreover, you can also paint the oak banister using two different colors. This makes the rail look new and attractive. The dirt and old design can easily be removed from the home using paint.

Painting Pots

If you have any pots in your home or garden, it’s time to paint them. This will make your garden look attractive. You can change the setting of your pots. Moreover, you can also add new plants to the unveiled pots.

Tile Paint

The tiles become dirty and less shiny with time. Sometimes it starts sticking off from the floor. You can DIY paint to make your home tiles look neat, new and attractive. You can use cementing materials to re-fix the tiles if removed. Tile painting is easy and YouTube tutorials are a good way to learn.

Create A Pathway

Kitchen way to dining can be painted or designed. This will make the kitchen and dining room look to appear in a flow. Additionally, the path makes both portions connected. This improvement will make it look new. You can use all the available materials and paints to design the path.


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