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5 Vintage Decor Items for Your Home

Zoey Fawell Dec 16, 2019
Have you thought of having vintage decor in your home? Well, if not, you should give it a trial. I mean, it’s one of the cheapest home decor ideas. In this life, we have two groups of people. There are those who look for beautiful places and then a group that makes a place beautiful. Got it? Not yet? Alright, let me break it down for you.
A group that looks for beautiful places are not interested with doing the decors at all. While the one that makes places beautiful is composed of those people who love doing the decor themselves. The question is, which of the groups do you belong? As for me, I belong to the group that makes places beautiful.
And that is why I decided to create this post. Just to help those who belongs in the same group with me. Have you guys heard of vintage Decor yet? I bet you if you are Decor lover, then you will definitely love vintage decor.
And help you out with that, I have prepared a list of some of the most impressive Vintage Decor items you can use for your home decor. Let’s read on and get informed!

1. Vintage Radio

You know decor is something that should be just for attractiveness only. There other things that should come out your decor. For instance, a Vintage radio placed somewhere in you sitting room should certainly revive memories.
On the other hand, there is this thing with these old vintage radios. They always have these fascinating designs on them. And I presume most people use it as part of their home decor because of that. Just like the old cars, old (vintage) radios do have unique features that makes them distinct.

2. Repurposed Grain Sieve used as a Primitive Chandelier

I must say, this one here impressed me quite a lot. I am sure most people wouldn’t even imagine how beautiful a grain sieve would look if used as a chandelier.
Believe me, you will love it on your ceiling. And above all, it’s just easy to acquire and fix. It’s not fragile like many of those glass chandeliers you see those big house décor marts.

3. Farmhouse Fence used as an Amazing Vintage Decor

Imagine having a wooden old and vintage farmhouse fence in your house let alone using it as decor. Trust me it works perfectly well.
All you need to do is to get a part of it (like about a one and half meter long) and place it on a table just right against the wall and may be pin your wall clock on  and some house plants besides it on its base. Can you picture?  It’s just so natural and quite welcoming!

4. Old Dresser Turned into Wine Cabinet

The first vintage decor ideas I adopted in my house. It turned to be the most eye-catching decor item.
All visitors kept on asking how I did that. So simply i just picked an old dresser from my grandma’s house and placed it at one far end of my house. And so I pictured having some wine battles placed on its shelves. And boom, I couldn’t imagine how amazing it looked right there. I'm quite sure you would also fall in love with it.

5. Wood Pallet Ceiling

Do you love the interior overhead surface of your house? If yes then it’s high time you got it a little bit unique and impressive.
You don’t have to use all those expensive ceiling to make your house well decorated. Instead, why can’t you just have some vintage wooden pallet ceiling and see how it turns out. One thing I love about wooden decors is that they always create a feeling of nature around your house.
Secondly, wood is cheap and quite affordable to acquire. On the other hand, wood is also a poor conductor of heat. And that means having it on your roof will definitely keep your house perfectly cool and comfortable.