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5 Variants Of L-Shape Corner Sofas for a Comfier Interior

Wooden Street Jan 13, 2020
Corner sofas are one of those modern furniture units that are striking as a trailblazer in this era. This is not just because of its tendency to stick to the corner, but there have evolved numerous design options that have made it more happening. Let’s get to know some such varieties of L-shape corner sofas right here.

Chesterfield Corner Sofas

Originated in the mid-18th century, Chesterfield sofas got its charm because of the fine curves and embellishment. The design holds curvy armrests that join the length of the backrest. While its patent design can never fail with its charisma, additional features to it can make these sofas even better.

Henry L - Shape Right Arm Corner Sofa

Wooden Street offers Henry L - Shape Right Arm Corner Sofa, which is forged with the chesterfield layout. This pattern sticks to the decor as well as gives the functionality of a comfortable corner sofa set. With an extended side, you also get the option to rest on the sofa.

Corner Sofa Cum Bed

A corner sofa set design like this can turn to be the best addition to those living in limited space. This sofa can turn into a bed as well, so that you can turn your living room to a bedroom on demand.

Mckellen L Shape Right Arm Corner Sofa Cum Bed

Corner sofa design is Mckellen L Shape Right Arm Corner Sofa Cum Bed from Wooden Street. This sofa set has additional upholstered panels below that can be used for extended seating. Along with it, the sofas on each of the sides can be turned to make itself the bed to sleep on.

Corner Sofas with Storage

One can never say no to storage areas with furniture, as no matter how enormous the wardrobes are, but we are always short of space. Therefore, a wooden corner sofa with storage can be extremely helpful to the living room.

Solace L-Shaped Wooden Sofa

Solace L-Shaped Wooden Sofa from Wooden Street, which is summated with ample storage area. This corner sofa set design has drawers at the sides and below the sofa. This ensures that your living room is not really a mess as you have a place to declutter.

Corner Sofas With Side End Table

Another corner sofa design is furniture with added facilities that can make it serviceable for the living room. Just like putting a side and end table right next to the corner sofa. With this, you can also save the space of a table.

Cortez L-Shaped Wooden Sofa

Wooden Street has Cortez L-Shaped Wooden Sofa in its collection, which is an epitome of the same. This corner sofa set is elongated furniture with an extended sofa on one side. While the other side holds a side and end table at its edge. Together it becomes a full-fledged furniture unit to be utilized in the living room.

2 Adjoining Corner Sofas

An adjoining corner sofa set design is a perfect furniture unit to make your living room guest-ready. With being at a corner, it is the least occupant to space.

Audrey 6 Seater L Shape Corner Sofa Set

Audrey 6 Seater L Shape Corner Sofa Set from Wooden Street is one such furniture unit that is aligned with two twinning sofas. A pair of three-seater sofas are stuck together in L-shape and its tendency to be placed as a corner sofa is ideal to set up a living room. Moreover, it is big enough so that one can accommodate the whole joint family within.