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5 Awesome Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Sai Kardile Feb 6, 2020
Urban dwellers are pressed for space. They live in tiny apartments where even swinging their petite felines becomes impossible. Bulky furniture hurts the shins and eyes, like really. So, what's the solution to this square-footage induced quandary? Space-saving furniture that's equal parts functional and fetching!

Why Space - Saving Furniture?

Most of us live in the 21st century versions of a hobbit hole. The only problem here is that we aren't hobbits but, sons and daughters of Adam. Unlike Mr. Bilbo Baggins, we don't get to outfit our spaces with a writing desk, a dining ensemble, a dressing table, a bed, a well-stocked pantry, barrels of ale and wine, sweet Jesus!


They might not be generously proportioned but settees do what they do best - fit in seamlessly small spaces whilst bestowing an air of intimacy.
A settee, basically, hits on all cylinders. Its petite silhouette ensures that you get the comfort and luxury of a sofa in your tiny apartment. Another plus - a settee works wonderfully well in all interior schemes!


Not all of us are exactly world champions when it comes to keeping our homes clutter-free. Which is why many can't stop waxing poetic about the ingenuity of ottomans.
Ottomans coexist merrily with other furniture and are used to round out seating ensembles. They offer out-of-sight storage to tuck away your books, trinkets, toys, blankets, and sundries.


Gone are the days when sofa-cum-beds used to stick out like a sore thumb in living rooms. These days - there are more of sight for the sore eyes.
These multi-purpose workhorses are elegant and economical and ergonomically-designed - basically, they tick on all the right boxes. They go on to prove that you don't need guest bedrooms to host overnight guests.

Wall Mount Bookshelves

As genuine fans of the Japanese cleanliness warrior, Marie Kondo, we try our best to imbibe her art of tidying up.
And wall mount bookshelves seem like a good place to start with. Small apartments, objects will be vying with each other for footprint, but with these bookshelves, you can neatly store your everyday essentials and stage a pretty wall vignette.


Benches have this charming bistro allure to them and pair well with any setting they are made a part of. Owing to their streamlined appearance, they work best with dining tables allowing a decent number of folks to be scooched up.
A bench can be used as a coffee table as well as a chic accompaniment to an armchair in a cozy nook to enjoy a riveting read.

Accent Pieces

Living in a small space doesn't mean it has to be nondescript and bereft of character.
You can breathe life into your apartment by means of colorful cushions, small scale decor pieces, wall art, throws, area rugs, and fresh blooms.

Furniture That Looks Good And Saves Space

We may not live in a lavish home like Mr. Bilbo, but we can certainly learn from his ingenuity. The said characteristic will help you put things in order and make everyday running around a lot smoother and life in general-nicer! Why long for a Chesterfield sofa when a loveseat can be equally comfy and stylish?