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4 Simple Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home

Getting the vibe of your living space right is so important. Not only for aesthetics but for your well-being, too.
Amy Hunt Oct 19, 2019

Creating A Cosy Home

So many things these days stop us from totally relaxing, from the technology we use to the number of hours that we work. So, creating a cosy home is vitally important for allowing yourself the time to wind down and decompress. Here we have 4 simple tips that will transform any house into a home with minimal effort...


Let your house tell your story. Add photographs of fond memories and treasured trinkets that instantly add a sense of nostalgia to your space - invoking that warm, fuzzy feeling.


Ok, so that's not really a word but breaking up those harsh lines and negative spaces with cushions, blankets and other soothing textures can really add warmth and depth.


The lighting you choose for your home can really make a difference. Stark bright lights can be cold and almost clinical, warm white light will add a mellow glow to your space, which can have an extremely calming affect. Candles can also be a great way to add that extra something when you really want to kick back and get cosy.


The old adage "tidy home, tidy mind" really is true. As Marie Kondo rightly states, keep only what brings you joy. A less cluttered and chaotic space allows you to relax more, everything should have it's place.