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4 Best Interior Decorations for Fall

Richard Clayton Oct 05, 2019
Fall is upon us and everyone is looking forward to the changing colors of the leaves, crisp cool mornings, and snuggling up in our favorite sweaters. The change of seasons also means holidays and family gatherings are near.
If you plan on hosting a fall event, a Halloween party, or Thanksgiving dinner, you're probably also looking to add some festive decor to your home.
Planning on celebrating your birthday, or perhaps a child's birthday? You might want to know this fun fact: those born in the fall are better students and live longer. Whether you have a party to plan or not, this wonderful season brings countless decor options, with something for every style. These are just four great options to consider.


The variety of pumpkins and gourds out there is quite surprising. Pumpkins come in multiple colors and sizes, making it easy to create a beautiful color scheme. White pumpkins when mixed with olive greenery and other gray decor, create an antique look.
Yellow gourds add country charm and different shades of orange will allude classic fall style. Use small pumpkins for a dining table centerpiece, on a fireplace mantel, or on countertops.
Larger pumpkins can be used to decorate your front porch or placed on or near an entryway bench.

Real and Faux Plants

Interior designers in Houston, Texas know how to perfectly combine real and faux plants to achieve the desired fall look at a lower price as compared to using only one or the other. Because mums are in season, adding great pops of color, they're often used throughout the home and in planters on front porches.
They come in classic gold, orange, and bronze hues. The leaves of oak leaf hydrangea are a fiery red that's ideal for fall. You should also consider decorating with wheatgrass, and twig plants.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

Extra pillows on your sofa or bed are also great for fall and creating that warm, welcoming ambiance. Use different sizes and textures for interest and choose colors that go well with the rest of your home decor. A particular favorite are knit style pillows in rich green, cream, rust, and mustard shades.
You can also find pillows with lovely fall-specific designs. Printed quotes such as “Happy fall y’all!” or “Autumn Harvest” are popular, along with pumpkin, leaves, and truck prints. Save money by purchasing only pillow covers and use your usual throw pillows as inserts. Add knit, faux fur, and other soft throw blankets for an extra cozy vibe.


There’s no need to go out and purchase brand new light fixtures to decorate for fall, but you should use candles and lanterns to spruce up your home during the season. Candles can be used all over your home: on your dining room table, mantel, shelving, bathroom, and in your bedroom.
Plus, they will leave your home smelling like autumn or your favorite baked treat. Lanterns come in various sizes and look stylish beside your fireplace, on your front porch, or back patio.