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12 Innovative Bookshelf Ideas to Organize Your Books

Kiran Umrao Feb 4, 2020
Books are truly the priciest possessions any individual can have and that’s why every book lover knows the importance of storing and organizing books. Some like to keep it simple while some love to style their bookshelves in various ways. You can also make your own unique DIY bookshelf and you know what the best part is? You’ll never go wrong with it!

Floating Bookshelf

Yes, you read it right. You can have a floating bookshelf! And no, you don’t have to learn wizardry for that.
All you need is an L-shaped wall bracket and a thick covered book that you can fix at one side of the bracket with velcro to create an “illusion” that the books are floating! Fix the other side of the bracket to the wall, place more books to hide it, and voila, your floating bookshelf is ready!

Up Above

This idea is best especially if you’re falling short of floor space. You can just fix a wooden slab on the wall above your table or anywhere you like, and store your books there. It is a minimalistic yet stylish and space-saving option for a bookshelf.


If you love trees as much as you love books, you should definitely go for this idea. It's a bookshelf in the shape of a tree with branches serving as shelves.
You can even place pots with plants or runners along with your books to give it the desired feel of a tree.

Along the Staircase

Have a big house with a staircase and still no room for the bookshelf? We’ve got you covered! You can actually build a huge bookshelf along your staircase. This is a new trend in home decor and you’re sure to get a lot of compliments from your guests.

Industrial Design

If you’re into industrial patterns and designs, then this one is for you!
This is one of the best ideas for storing books at your home or office space. You can fix pipes to the wall and place wooden planks upon it and presto! Your industrial themed bookshelf is ready!

Hanging Bookshelf

This shelf can be built by just suspending ropes from the ceiling or the wall and securing wooden boards with knots in between. This will give your interior a rustic look in a really low budget. You can also use skateboards in the place of wooden boards to give it a unique sports theme.

Shelf of Crates

You can take this up as a DIY bookshelf project. It is the easiest and the most low-budget option.
All you have to do is get some wooden crates (use metal crates for an industrial look), paint them in your favorite color, and glue them together in patterns you like.

You can also use office clips to hold the crates together. And that’s your unique bookshelf which is sturdy and you can also disassemble it when you have to move. Now, how cool is that?

Under the Bench

The best place to keep your books is under the cozy bench you always prefer reading them on.

This way your books are closest to you and you’ll have absolutely no interruption while binge reading your favorite volumes one after the other.

Multipurpose Bookshelf

If you’re really falling short of space, you can make/buy bookshelves that serve more than one purpose - like a chair, a circular/ rectangular coffee table, or a side table that has shelves under it or on the sides for storing books.

Rainbow bookshelf

This idea is for those who already have a simple bookshelf but want to renovate it. Here’s a simple idea where you do not have to do much.
Get some wallpapers in rainbow colors and stick them on your shelves. Now just arrange your books by colors on the shelves. You can use brighter colors if you’re doing this for kids’ books.

Game of Ladders

Now here we’re talking about the pyramid-shaped ladders that fold from between. You can just take a ladder and fix it at a corner so that the folding edge aligns with the edge between two walls of your room.

Or you can make the ladder stand up along a wall and place wooden planks on its steps. Thinking it can’t be this easy? Well, it is!

Chaotic Bookshelf

Well, chaos is beautiful and while all the above ideas are focused on organizing books for better aesthetics, you can just get a large shelf and fill it with books and your favorite show-pieces in no particular way.

It is best for people who can’t be organized. The chaos on the shelf will make it look like a beautiful mess in your favorite room.
There are many ideas and ways to style your bookshelf but the key is to keep it minimal and in-sync with the room or area you’re planning to install it in.